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May 12, 2020:

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Brain Pop Jr.

Brain Pop

SearchCan you believe that there are other ways to search the internet other than Google? Check out the below links.

kidsclickinfotopiaKid RexFact Monster  Kiddlerefseek

Search considerations

The above links were recommended in Kid-Safe Browsers and Search Sites from Common Sense Media.

Learn to Search with Google Education

Google Search EducationGoogle Search Education - Web search can be a remarkable tool for students, and a bit of instruction in how to search for academic sources will help students become critical thinkers and independent learners.

With the materials on this site students can become skilled searchers- whether they're just starting out with search, or ready for more advanced training.

refseekrefeeek - RefSeek is a web search engine for students and researchers that aims to make academic information easily accessible to everyone. RefSeek searches more than five billion documents, including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers. RefSeek's unique approach offers students comprehensive subject coverage without the information overload of a general search engine—increasing the visibility of academic information and compelling ideas that are often lost in a muddle of sponsored links and commercial results.