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March 22, 2021



Cyberchase Tangram GameCyperchase Tangrams - In this Cyberchase interactive game, use tangram puzzle pieces to create a variety of shapes.

ABCya.com TangramsABCya! Tangrams - ABCya.com Tangrams are fun for children of all ages. Complete the puzzle by moving and rotating the seven shapes. A fun way to work with shapes.

National Geographic KidsTransum - FREE mathematical activities, puzzles, problems, visual aids, investigations and lots more. Enter Transum Maths to see how teaching and learning this fascinating subject can be fun.

More Fun with Shapes

U Fix It with ZiffU Fix It with Ziff - Help Ziff fix buildings in Cyberspace by making sure parts fit by measuring different supplies.

Railroad RepairRailroad Repair - Fix the railroad tracks before the train comes by using decimals and brain power!

Jig Saw Puzzle Size UpJigsaw Puzzle Size Up - Sure you're great at solving jigsaw puzzles, but we've got a tricky twist-- some of the pieces have been changed to different sizes and you've got to get them back!