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Links: Animations

This page contains links to sites used in a past or future Technology/Information Skills lesson. Use the navigation bar on the right to view past or stored lessons.



Oddcast - Oddcast PhotoFace lets you create your own avatars, add voice, or text and then publish to a website or email. Great for students to record 'student voice' in a creative manner.



BrainPop - BrainPop offers two nice lessons on how animations work, BrainPop one in "old school" and the other on digital animations.


How Walt Disney Cartoons are MadeHow Walt Disney Cartoons are Made - This is a classic 1938 "short", now on YouTube, that beautifully shows how Walt Disney and his company created Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.



K5 Computer LabK5 Computer Lab - Technology Director Steve Ignacio presents a simple step-by-step lesson in the creation of a stick figure animations. He utilizes Stykz, a multi-platform stick figure animation program, to show how to create a smooth realistic looking animation. Beginners will appreciate his floating animation that has been carefully broken down into separate images for students to follow.


StykzStykz - Stykz is a freeware multi-platform stick-figure animation program, developed and maintained by Sons of Thunder Software, Inc. It is similar to the popular Pivot Stickfigure Animator and builds upon many of the features from it, also adding its own functionality. Visit the Stykz site to download the application.