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Links: Ed Emberley

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Ed Emberley

Welcome to edemberley.comEd Emberley is best known for his children's book work - particularly instructional drawing books. He believes that everyone can learn to draw. His drawing books for children feature clear step-by-step instructions employing numbers, letters, and shapes geared to the early elementary school level.

Ed Emberley has illustrated or contributed to over 50 books, many of which were first published between the 1960s and 1980s. Renewed interest in his work has come from adults who first encountered his books as children and now are purchasing them for their own children.

A fun exercise for children is to copy or save the horizontal and/or vertical thumbprints provided on the right. This can be done by holding down the control and shift (control/shift) keys and moving the arrow over the image and clicking. The images then need to be pasted into an application like Kid Pix or another drawing application. Another option is to click and drag the image to the desktop where it can then be imported into a drawing application. Ed Emberley has created an animation on his site based on his Ed Emberley's Great Thumbprint Drawing Book. Go to his “Drawing Page” and then click on the animations and/or drawing pages. They are linked below the image of the thumbprint cat. The animation is excellent. The drawing pages contain three examples; an owl, a thumb person and a cat. Each example comes with a printable version. Instead of putting ink on your thumb and putting a thumbprint on paper you're creating a digital image. It's great fun!