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Apr 28, 2011:
A new version.

Book Lovers

This page embraces to a hodgepodge of all things related to books.

Children's Authors and Illustrators

This section of the page is devoted to learning about the authors and illustrators of children's books. Below are three sites that contain long lists of children's authors and illustrators, all in alphabetical order.

Children's Literature Web Guide

Children's Literature Web Guide: Authors and Illustrators on the Web
Compliled by David K. Brown from the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada
Extensive directory of official author sites and fan sites. Highly recommended sites are noted.


Children's Literature Independent Information and Reviews

Children's Literature
Links to numerous author and illustrator web sites. An extensive author/illustrator index with new links highlighted.



Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

Wikipedia List of Children's Literature Authors
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This is a list of notable children's literature authors and their most famous works. A very complete list all linked within Wikipedia.